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The Lamb Fundraiser

Save our independent pubs!

In these uncertain times  so many of us are struggling. It’s a real concern what type of world we will be left with when the threat of coronavirus is finally over. So many businesses are struggling and jobs for many are at risk. I myself was made redundant at the end of 2020. Luckily as a graphic and web designer it was easy for me to jump into freelancing.

Many of my favourite London haunts; places I socialise or venues I’ve performed at, are struggling right now. I’ve donated to several to help them stay afloat. When I heard the The Lamb on Holloway Road was struggling to pay their rent and they were launching a fundraiser I knew I had to help.

The Lamb is one of London’s few remaining independent pubs that’s not been turned into a soulless, cloned chain pub. It’s a favourite place for me and my bandmates from Flesh Tetris to hang out after rehearsing at Strummers (which has sadly closed down now). The landlord Ade is a good friend and fan of Flesh Tetris too and he would often play our tracks in the pub.  It’s a venue with a wide variety of friendly clientele from folk groups to football fans and sleepy dogs.

Knowing that I had designed the Flesh Tetris merchandise, Ade messaged me asking if I would be willing to design a t-shirt for The Lamb fundraiser. I was honoured to have been asked. I designed 3 different designs for them to choose from. The team at The Lamb couldn’t choose so they decided to offer all 3 designs!

As so many musicians frequent The Lamb, Jez Miller – drummer of Flesh Tetris had the bright idea of pulling together an album of covers as another way to raise funds for The Lamb.  Twenty-two bands stepped forward and provided a wide range of tracks for the compilation named Hatful of Holloway. Read the review by Louder Than War here

You can listen and download the album here:

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